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Additional domestic New Zealand fares available for sale in Canada

23 January 2018

Air New Zealand is pleased to offer you more choices when selling domestic New Zealand travel.

Effective 24 January 2018, additional fares will be available in your GDS to price purely domestic New Zealand itineraries (no impact on through fares from North America to New Zealand).  This will initially apply for sale in Canada only, with a view to expand the additional options to the rest of North America, following a trial period in Canada. 

The fares applicable to purely domestic New Zealand itineraries are currently in booking classes V and above. From 24 January 2018, fares will also be available in the lower booking classes, namely in W, T, L, S, G, X, K, and P classes.  As is currently the case, the additional fares will be non-commissionable. 

Air New Zealand’s domestic New Zealand fares include 4 different fare products for each booking class*, which are differentiated by checked bag allowance, seat assignment charges, penalty charges for changes, and refundability of the fare. The names of the 4 products are Seat, Seat+bag, Flextime, and Flexiplus, and the unique features, fare basis codes, and GDS entries (for both display and auto-pricing) for each fare product can be found in the table below. 

*The only exception being P-class which does not have a Seat product.  


A full description of all the features associated with each fare product can also be found here


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Air New Zealand Sales Support at 800-262-2468 or