Air New Zealand Trade

GDS E-Ticketing

E-Ticketing via your GDS

Air New Zealand PNR Address

A PNR address must be received from the NZ system (CARINA) and stored in the GDS (Sabre/Apollo/Worldspan/Amadeus) record before the e-ticket can be issued.

Maximum Passengers Ticketed

E-tickets for a maximum of nine (9) passengers can be issued on one PNR. All passengers in the PNR must be ticketed at the same time.

Maximum Sectors

A maximum of sixteen (16) itinerary segments is permitted per e-ticket transaction.

Interline / Code Share Flights

At present, e-ticketing is permitted for Air New Zealand (NZ) designated (NZ*) and operated services as well as interline carriers. Please check your GDS information for specific carriers that are interlineable.

Open-dated Segments

Open-dated segments are not permitted. Most fares allow for changes with a fee or an upgrade to the next fare level.

Electronic Ticket Outages

If an outage occurs prior to or during an e-ticket transaction, an error message will advise the agent to issue a paper ticket. The agent may either try again to issue the e-ticket or issue a paper ticket instead.

Electronic Ticket Void

Tickets issued on FRI/SAT/SUN may be voided on MON. If Monday is a Public Holiday, CARINA will not allow tickets on be voided on Tuesday. These tickets should then be refunded. The following Public Holidays are affected: New Years Day / Martin Luther King Jr. Day / Presidents Day / Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Ticket Number Notification

Once the e-ticket has been issued, there is no need to send the ticket numbers via OSI to NZ. E-ticket details are automatically transmitted to the NZ system.

Divided PNRs

If itineraries for individual passengers need to be changed after ticketing, the booking file must be divided before the e-ticketing data can be amended (i.e. refund/reissue or revalidation).

Name Changes

Name changes are not permitted after an e-ticket has been issued. A refund should be processed and then a new ticket issued. Refund fees may apply.

Schedule Changes

In event of a schedule change, an e-ticket must be reissued. Without a reissued e-ticket, the passenger will be attempting to check-in for a flight for which there is eticketing no record. Please contact sales support for instructions on how to reissue tickets. 


When CARINA receives a booking from an agent, an INF name item is not created in CARINA. Therefore an e-ticket cannot be issued in another GDS for an infant unless the agent contacts Air New Zealand to have an INF name item placed into the CARINA PNR.

Terms and Conditions of Carriage

It is a legal requirement and the agent’s responsibility to provide the passenger with the E-ticket Terms and Conditions of Carriage. E-ticket Terms and Conditions must also be available to the passenger at check-in.


A paper ticket may not be reissued into an e-ticket. E-ticket to e-ticket or e-ticket into a paper ticket is permitted. If the reissue is for a lesser amount, a full refund should be made and a new ticket issued.

GDS Entries



HEETTNZ or TGAD-NZ (check interlineable carriers)




DTET (list of carriers offering ET)

DT/IAT/DISNZ (interlineable carriers for ET)

DT/ETE (check itinerary for e-ticket)

DT/ETE/S2/4 (check specific segments for ET)