Air New Zealand Trade

Origin & Destination

Air New Zealand is implementing a new revenue management system that enables evaluation of availability based on the passenger’s entire journey (Origin & Destination), and which includes married segment logic, a process already in place for a number of years.

Introducing married segments allows Air New Zealand to better manage the origin and destination availability by joining connecting flights together and treating them as one unit or marriage.

What flights will be married?

Marriages can be applied to connecting Air New Zealand marketed flights:

  • within 12 hours for NZ domestic routes.
  • within 14 days for all other routes.

How are marriages broken?

Marriages will automatically be broken on bookings that are affected by schedule changes or disrupts.  Agents will be able to self-manage any required rebooking and/or changes.

When changing or cancelling NZ/086 ticketed bookings, there are 6 specific circumstances where marriages can be manually broken by Agency Sales Support.  These agreed exceptions can be found in the Travel Agent Guide document on our trade web-site at the following location:

Marriages will not be broken on unticked bookings or scenarios that do not fall into the 6 agreed exceptions and therefore any changes or cancellations will require the flights to be rebooked using the current availability for the correct O&D.

Points to remember

  • When making changes to a booking, always check availability inside the PNR and not through general availability. Only then will it show the correct availability based on point of O&D. 
  • It is possible to make changes to flights included in a marriage.  Air New Zealand recommends that you do not end your transaction after cancelling sectors until you have successfully held the new flights.  Should you cancel unwanted flights and there is no suitable replacement flights to book, the changes can be ignored and the original booking re-displayed.  Full instructions can be found in the Travel Agent Guide document mentioned above.
  • For travel solely within New Zealand: If different products are required for the same direction of travel e.g. AKL-WLG-CHC booked as Seat+Bag AKL-WLG followed by Flexitime WLG-CHC, then two separate PNR's will be required. This will ensure the two flights are not married and each flight can be issued individually as different domestic products.
  • If manually booking longer transits, we recommend holding the shortest segment first.
  • O&D relates to availability and therefore current standard procedures, fare rules and conditions apply.
  • Air New Zealand marketed flights used in group bookings will not married.

Additional information

For more information and FAQ’s, please refer agents to the Travel Agent Guide document mentioned above.   Additionally, an online module has been created at the following location on our trade web-site to cover all aspects of the O&D Revenue Management System and will take approximately 10-15mins to complete.