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Preferred Seating

Preferred Seating FAQs

Air New Zealand's Preferred Seating allows you to secure the seat your customer wants on Air New Zealand flights.

Whether the customer simply wants to pick a window or aisle seat or if they'd like more space there are a number of options.


  • Standard Seating: You can select a standard seat on the aircraft at no additional charge.
  • Preferred Seating: Customers can pay to enjoy a seat with a better position on the aircraft.
  • Exit Row: Customers can pay to book an Exit Row. See exit row seating for regulations for passengers sitting in exit row seats.
  • Bassinet Row: Customers can pay to guarantee a Bassinet Row if traveling with an infant less than 8 months.


See where the Preferred Seating, Exit Rows and Bassinet Rows are located on the aircraft:


The fee* for the preferred seating, exit row and bassinet seat is as follows:

Exit Row Seats $105 USD Per person per sector
Bassinet Positions $25 USD Per person per sector
Premium Economy $50 USD Per person per sector
Economy $50 USD Per person per sector


*Subject to change. Please contact Air New Zealand if you have further questions.